Optimus Crux



The heavy duty lightweight. Meet the Optimus Crux, a 83g stove engineered to hide away under a gas canister. This seemingly impossible feat is accomplished with a foldable burner neck and serrated pot supports which are also designed to fold away for packing. It's hard to find a stove that's more convenient than the Optimus Crux, and despite its size, the power of the Optimus Crux is right up there with the big boys at 3000W. Why carry more than needed?


  • 50mm diameter burner distributes heat widely onto the cooking pot reducing the risk of spot burning food
  • Turbine shaped serrated pot supports provide increased stability
  • Foldable flame control extends beyond the burner to prevent burns
  • Extremely compact thanks to the innovative foldable burner head
  • Unique stuff bag makes the stove pack flush with the bottom of the LP-gas canister


Included in package: Optimus Crux stove, under canister storage bag and instructions


Fuel:Butane/propane canister
Measurements:84mm x 57mm x 31mm (folded)
Burn time:up to 90 minutes at high maximum output (230g canister)
Boil time (1L of water):      Down to 3 minutes depending on climate and altitude


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