Goal Zero Estrella 3



Long lasting light for anyone outdoors. The Estrella 3 is an ultra portable 3 Watt LED light and every outdoor enthusiast's best friend. With its low power draw, you can keep the trail, campsite or tent lit for hours at a time. As a modular system, chain up to 11 additional Estella lights for even more visibility.

Key benefits:

  • 3 Watt LED light bulb (approx. 140 lumens)
  • Rated for 20 000 hours of use
  • As bright as a 45 Watt incandescent bulb 
  • 140 degree viewing angle
  • Goal Zero's broad light technology that provides light without rings
  • Can be powered from Goal Zero batteries or any 12V cigarette adapter (car or boat)
  • 15" snake-like bendable cord lets you secure Estella around objects
  • 9" extender cord with the Goal Zero patent-pending carabiner lets you hook it anywhere
  • Chainable - daisy chain up to 12 Estella lights in a series

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