Princeton Tec Fred



The Princeton Tec Fuel has become a staple in the outdoor industry due to ergonomic design, reliable function, and light weight. The Fred starts with the same platform, adding a red LED to help preserve night vision while still adequately illuminating a campsite, gear bag, or other task. A slight hold of the large push button switches between one red LED or three ultrabright white LEDs, and each colour has a high and low mode. Up the ante, with 180 hours of burn time, and get the option of a clean, white flood beam or a night vision preserving red LED.


Power:45 lumens
Lamp:3 Ultrabright LEDs
1 Red Ultrabright LED
Burn time:    145 hours
Batteries:3 x AAA Alkaline (included)
Weight:78g with batteries


4 Modes:

Mode: Burn time    Distance (m)
Red High:    100hrs10m
Red Low:   180hrsapprox. 8m

Colours: Black, Tan, Olive Drab, Yellow, and White.


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