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RFG gaiters are simple, tough and do the job. Comfortable, breathable, durable; they stay up, stay closed and stay put!



  • Designed to sit a little higher on the boot than most gaiters - allows you to decide whether or not to use the under-boot strap. In dry climates, this strap is not always needed. However, it slows the egress of water by holding the gaiter tight to the boot and also stops snow pushing between the boot and the gaiter. Walking boots now come with sealed tongues, meaning that a lower-cut is not necessary and only increases wear.
  • They 'stand up' without relying on the top closure, allowing greater ventilation.
  • Closures - Top drawcord has a little elasticity, allowing the calf muscle to swell and contract. Handy when walking!  The top casing fabric is smooth and soft for comfort against the skin.
  • Genuine Velcro closure - at the centre of the gaiter, reducing the chance of it opening accidently when knocked or rubbed.
  • Boot hook & stud - centred for security. The stud is mono directional: you can't accidentally pop it open, it can only be opened from the one direction.
  • Under-boot strap - We have tried and tested many options... we are yet to find a system for fastening a gaiter under a boot that won't eventually wear out. We use a 10mm coated webbing attached to the gaiter with a simple, low-profile, adjustable stainless-steel buckle. It is the best solution we have found so far, and is easily replaced.
  • Colour-coded sizing is an option for bulk orders



  • Made in Australia!
  • Canvas upper (400g per square metre) for durability and breathability
  • Nylon for the bottom of the gaiter - creates less friction (hence wear) between the boot and the gaiter.      1000 denier HT ATY nylon lower-lined with 420 denier HT filament.


When requesting a quote, please let us know which size/s you require.

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