OnTop Klettern TopStop Rope Brake



TopStop enhances the safety of the climber by minimising faulty belay set up or incorrect and dangerous belay techniques. In contrast to conventional belay devices, the rope runs across several pulleys within the TopStop and as a result the load the belayer has to bear when lowering the climber is reduced to approximately one tenth of the climber’s body weight. This means a climber weighing 70 kg only generates a load of 7 kg on the belay rope. As a consequence the weight difference between the climbing partners doesn’t play an important part anymore since the TopStop allows a very lightweight person to belay a far heavier climber.

  • The TopStop is available with an optional array of mounting brackets for optimum positioning on a wall or ceiling.
  • Some of the other advantages of this patented belay system include:
  • Easy to learn system for beginners, especially when instructing large groups (e.g. school classes)
  • Safer belay technique that eliminates difficult and dangerous belay practices and incorrect belayer harness tie-in
  • Enhanced safety can be achieved by using a double belay system such as the TopStop combined with a figure-of-eight belay
  • Overweight people can be belayed without any problems
  • New climber – belayer combinations are possible: adult and child - heavy climber and lightweight belayer - wheelchair users as belayer
  • Anxious people are more willing to climbing due to this simplified and safer belay technique
  • The number of instructors at group events can be reduced 
  • Belay induction times can be reduced and simplified due to the straight forward nature of belaying with the TopStop
  • Ropes don’t twist like conventional belay devices and rope life-span is extended

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