Sherpa PCD II Polypropylene Thermal Pants



The most comfortable polypropylene

  • Ultra soft to touch
  • Lightweight superior warmth (190gsm)
  • Raglan sleeves for comfort
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Quick drying

Sherpa's PCD II polypropylene is the result of extensive university   research and field testing.  PCD II   polypropylene does not absorb any moisture.    It wicks away leaving a warm layer of air next to the skin that keeps   you warm and dry.  Polypropylene also   offers the lowest thermal conductivity of any traditional fabric.  It lets you keep your body heat and   therefore provides outstanding insulation.    The garments are durable and fast drying.
PCD II polypropylene is significantly softer than other polypropylene   without losing any of its thermal qualities.    Feel the softness, stretch and    comfort.
The technical properties of polypropylene are enhanced by a close fit.  Sherpa's garments are anatomically designed   to fit snuggly.  This gives you   superior warmth and comfort.


Available in a range of colours and sizes from XS to 4XL.  

When requesting a quote, please let us know which colour/s and size/s you require.


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