Wildhorn TerraLite Portable Camping Chair



This isn't your average chair! Our Terralite Chair is built to move. It's light, easy to set up, and strong.

Oh and we include Terragrip feet so you'll never sink in the sand or mud. You won't have to take out a second mortgage to afford one either. We believe outdoor seating shouldn't be hard to carry around. Does that make us lazy? Maybe. Let's sit around the campfire and talk about it. Hurry up and sit down!

The thing practically sets itself up.  On your first try, the canvas needs a little stretching.  Don't be afraid to pull hard onto that frame!  Sinking is for suckers.  Most compact ultralight chairs sink in sand or mud.  Fear not because the Terralite chair includes 4 Terragrip feet so your chair does not sink.  These over-sized feet actually float on top of sand or mud.  Four standard interchangeable feet are also included when you need to cut off a few ounces for that backpacking trip! Stright! What is Stright you might ask?  Strong and light.  Ok, we made that up! But at only 862g (without the Terragrips) and supporting up to 158kg, who can argue?  


  • Heavy duty pole sockets (reinforced) so the pole never pokes through the fabric.  
  • Double reinforced sides - No more ripping! With double reinforced sides and extra durable cloth, your chair will last.  
  • Rustproof 7075 grade aircraft aluminum - At just 862g, the Terralite will support up to 158kgs.  
  • Pack-tight velcro strap - Built for easy and quick storage of the chair.  
  • Terragrip feet - Our exclusive Terragrip feet won't sink in sand, mud or wet ground. *Interchangeable*
  • Carefully designed bag - Our zippered mesh and fabric bag allows for easy storage and with velcro carry straps on each end you can attach it anywhere.



  • Weight: 862g
  • Colours: Black with blue trim (more to come!)
  • Dimensions:  Packed sized 43cm x 12cm x 12cm 


When requesting a quote, please let us know which colour/s you require.

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