Bonwick Caving Ladders



These ladders are designed for use where a rigid ladder would be in impractical. In places where access has been by means of a rope or free climbing, the use of a wire rope ladder will greatly increase safety. Commonly used to access high rope course elements.

The wire rope is galvanised and the rungs are of aluminium alloy. The rungs are swaged directly to the wire. This provides a very reliable fastening. 

Both ends of the ladders are fitted with 'C' clips so that they can be easily joined to make any required length. Each ladder is supplied with a 'trace'. This is a 2.5m length of wire also fitted with 'C' clips and may be used for attaching the ladder to a tree, post etc.

Available in 6m, 9m and 15m lengths.

When requesting a quote, please let us know which length/s you require.

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