With years of indoor and outdoor education experience, we understand the specific needs of schools, so we have developed two programs especially for educational institutions.

Our schools programs offer:
• Customised school camp equipment list
• Outdoor Education specific equipment

Customised school camp equipment list

As a consultancy we work with you to source and supply school camp equipment customised to your students’ needs. With access to all of the major brands and a vast range of products, we can supply appropriate gear for student use, at affordable prices. We specialise in bulk orders, and by delivering to you directly from our wholesalers, we minimise our margins and pass the savings straight on to you.

If you already have an established equipment list, we can work with you to co-ordinate supply. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and after sales support.

We have established relationships with many schools throughout Australia, and have developed a core range of products that are tailored specifically for student use. For more information on what we can offer, please email

Outdoor Education specific equipment

Many of our wholesalers offer a range of industrial equipment, specifically designed for heavy use. These products are easy to use and maintain and are robust enough to cope with repeated student and group use, day in day out. This range offers high quality products, with a long term economic decision in mind - that is, gear that’s built to last. Clever design features and readily available spare parts ease the burden of maintaining this gear.

For more information on our school services please email

Camp Packing Checklist

Preparing for a camp can often be a time consuming process. So we've designed a generic Camp Packing Checklist to assist you in preparing your students and families for your next school camp. Simply click on the images below to download a colour or black and white copy.


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