Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern



The Lighthouse 250 is a 250 lumen lantern with Dualite™ directional lighting technology, adjustable brightness levels and a rugged, compact, go-anywhere design. 


  • Directional lighting - lantern functions in 180° mode, useful when walking, or 360° for open spaces.
  • 3 brightness modes - low, high and turbo, plus a red flashing alert
  • Runs for up to 48 hours on a single charge (180° mode, on low)
  • Charges from solar or USB in around 7 hours
  • Turn the crank for emergency light anywhere (1 min crank = 10 minutes light).
  • Built-in 16 watt battery and USB output means you can charge all your handheld USB devices, including a smartphone three times!



Weight: 498g 
Lumens: 250
Battery capacity: 16Wh; 4.4Ah
Dimensions (folded): 11.5x12.7x15.9cm
Dimensions (unfolded):   11.5x12.7x24cm


Please refer to the tech sheets below for further information - what it can power & burn times for the different functions.

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