Edelrid Safety Super II



Safety Super II is the static workhorse in the Edelrid stable. It delivers maximum abrasion resistance, minimum shrinkage and low elongation values.  The sheath is particularly dense and robust yet the rope has superior handling thanks to the Thermo Shield treatment.  Tracer threads in the sheath allow the user to quickly and easily identify the diameter of the rope.   

Available in:

  • 11mm Snow (white with black fleck) in 50m, 100m and 200m lengths.
  • 11mm Fire 200m roll
  • 11mm Turquoise 200m roll
  • 10.5mm or 10mm Snow 200m roll
  • 9.5mm Snow 50m or 200m roll


Diameter (mm)Weight/Metre (g/m)Max. Breaking Strength (>kN)Max. Breaking Strength with Figure of 8 knot (>kN)
Static Elongation (%)
Sheath Slippage (mm)


When requesting a quote, please let us know which length and colour you require.

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