Tendon Indoor 10.4



A top indoor rope specially developed and tested for climbing on artificial walls and for top rope belaying. Robust braid, practical and easy to identify rope design, long life, excellent handling - these are the specific parameters of a rope for indoor climbing.

Suitable for climbing schools and rentals. 


Rope diameter: 10.4mm
Weight: 72g/m
Number of UIAA falls:  8-9
Max. impact force: 7.7kN
Sheath slippage: 0.1%
Static elongation: 6.5%
Dynamic elongation: 35%
Knotability: 1


Improved basic finishing of dynamic ropes. The new technological process enables the application of impregnation agents early in the standard finishing of the ropes. The result is an excellent water resistance and abrasion resistance as well as extended lifespan of TENDON ropes.

Available in two colours - blue/green or red/grey

Available in 200m or 300m lengths.

When requesting a quote, please let us know which length/s and colour/s you require.

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